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Custom order for seth


Custom Floating Walnut Media Console 50% upfront/ 50% upon completion

Lighter Walnut Exterior with black slats. 4 Evenly divided doors

72”L x 16-18”Deep x 16-18”H

1. Overall dimension of 18" deep x 18" tall by 72" wide. Center section can be 36" wide and the outer sections 18" wide on either side.

2. The center unit can have 2 doors door as pictured and have a shelf that runs laterally (removable) to house two head units and/or other AV equipment in that section.
3. The outer sections can have doors that swing out. I plan on using at least one of the outer cabinets for storing LPs - so interior height needs to be at least 14".

As for the number of LPs, I am looking to keep about 50 -60 on one side. Could you please design those side cabinets in a way where we have the flexibility to insert a shelf in the middle later if we choose to. Further, I plan on housing my Schiit Raganarok 2 poweramp (dimensions - 17" x 13" x 4" and weighing approx 32 Lbs ) and a pre-amp that weighs 20 lbs in the split level center section. I will most likely wall mount my Sonos soundbar in the space between my TV and the media console but it could also go on top of the console. That unit weights about 13 lbs. Overall, we are probably talking the unit supporting about 100-120 lbs of gear, The TV is wall mounted, so we don;t have to worry about that.

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