The Start of this Journal

Our options for buying furniture have greatly increased in recent years, with great online market places, a new revolution of small manufacturers, and global stores.    Its a great time for buyers to find the styles that appeal to their tastes and assemble our homes from manufacturers all over the world.  Buying from smaller companies is one of the best options  for finding unique pieces to suit your tastes and make your home standout among the crowd.  The perceived risks can feel greater buying from small manufacturers than buying from a larger chain, I'd like to help change that.  

Its taken me years to learn my craft and will be a continued life of experimentation and study.  Finding quality information often requires drawing from many sources, with often opposing viewpoints.  I haven't found many great resources that speak to the buyers and patrons of large or small furniture manufacturers.  Customers should know what the builders know.  Construction methods, installation, joints, longevity, materials, maintenance, overall quality, design, and the lingo of the trade.  And thats what this area will be about.  

Ill post weekly starting with the methods and materials I use in my furniture, often using my own photos as examples.  This will be the easiest way for me to get started.  But I won't just focus on my own products, I want this to be a well rounded resource to help you learn and choose the furniture and accessories that will work for you and to help you feel confident in those purchases.  If there are specific questions or topics that you would like addressed, Id love to hear from you.  Thanks for your support